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  • “Both my friend and I are thrilled with this product ….this is a life saver, should have purchased 2 years ago instead of going nuts.”

    P.F.(Female) Hampton East Vic

  • “I am writing to inform you of my joy and enthusiasm about Toppik ……Toppik is absolutely amazing, it’s like magic! It actually works in seconds! I was ecstatic when I used it. I now don’t have to wear a wig or hat and can go out in public with an improved self-esteem and confidence. It has changed my everyday living and i have Toppik to thank.
    Name and address withheld at customers request”

    Female Victoria

  • “I was sceptical in trying Toppik but a friend pushed me to try it. I was amazed by the result. I seriously did not think it would work this well.
    It looks like I have my full head of hair again”

    D Jones

  • “I had thinning hair on the crown of my head. Since I was introduced to Toppik it’s been fantastic, it thickens my hair and totally restores my confidence, it’s great!”

    S.R Prahran

  • “I started using Toppik as I was losing hair especially on each side of my face above my ears when I suffered stress from being unemployed. It has never fully recovered even though I’ve been in employment now for 4 years. One is always sceptical about the claims these products make but what did I have to lose by trying them? Nothing as it turns out….as it’s absolutely fantastic.
    I’m slowly making my way through all the product’s as how else will I know what wonders they can do! I want to say a BIG Thank You! You’ve restored my confidence in the appearance of my hair.
    Thank you also for the Vouchers…..It just gets better !

    Ms. Williams

  • “I have had hereditary hair thinning and have spent a fortune on buying wigs. Now I have this brilliant product to transform my life – After using Toppik immediately saw a huge difference to my hair and general appearance. Toppik made me feel quite different about myself after just one application. Long may you continue to produce it.”

    Mrs. L Ryder

  • “Thank you so very much, you have put to an end 20 years of misery with your fabulous product!…It is bad enough for men to have hair loss, but speaking as a woman who has suffered years of heartache I know what this product could do for other women. I will definitely go on using Toppik and I will tell anyone who I think would benefit form it.

    P.S. I cannot wait to try MORE OF YOUR PRODUCTS!”

    Mrs. Sharples

  • “I am just writing to say that the Toppik Hair Fibres sample I received was excellent. I will be ordering more products from you very soon.”

    Gary Luckman